California Department of Industrial Relations

The new Department of Industrial Relations building is a 9,500 square foot LEED Gold structure on a one-acre site. It is a public-serving administrative office, and a court facility for the adjudication of workers’ compensation claims. The building was developed under a design-build format; and, was subject to County planning area standards, subdivision design guidelines and CC&R’s, State General Services standards, and also FAA restrictions- due to its immediate proximity to an airport.

The DIR building is designed for optimum solar orientation and daylighting. It is intended to be operate most of the year using no electric lighting in regularly occupied space. This can be achieved by applying a combination of solar-shaded south and north facing windows, light diffusing transoms, clerestory windows and ducted skylights. A system of wind towers above the roof uses negative air pressure, from the consistent prevailing winds, to drive a passive ventilation system. Using this unique system, the design will eliminate the need for mechanical cooling and ventilation for about half the year. Other sustainable features include photovoltaic panels, reclaimed non-potable water, cool roofing and paving, permanent green building educational displays, onsite bioswales and decorative permeable paving.  Project responsibilities included: project entitlements, onsite grading, drainage and low impact stormwater design, construction administration.  The owner of this property is Walter Brothers Construction.

Services Provided:

  • Land Planning
  • Civil Engineering